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Welcome To Our Blog! Creating a Castle Crib; Issue #1

Playing around with some features here on our site and learned we can create a blog. Still not sure exactly what that will look like, but we want to try to bring longer form content her with some more depth into what we are doing behind the scenes. The content here will be a lot more chill and colloquial; I want it to feel like we are just giving some friends updates on the business. Nothing too serious.

So with that being said, what better way to start than with a sneak peek at our next Elite Model!

Below is the rough sketch of what I came up with for the design. I finally got a good drawing app on my ipad (shoutout sketchbook) so my drawings of models or other miscellaneous designs have drastically improved. Our customer wanted something sort of insipired by English Castles, so I tried my best to incorporate elements from those. The final product doesn't often end up looking exactly like the drawing, but we usually get pretty close. Often what happens is we come up with new ideas as we go, or discover some elements from the drawing just aren't practical.

Below is most of the frame completed so far. We went with plywood for the pillars rather than round cardboard tubes, beacuse these are wayyyy easier to carpet, and just a lot sturdier. This model is going to split into two pieces down the middle (mostly so it can fit down a flight of stairs and around a corner haha). It has been a bit of a challenge to figure out how to make it practical while also splitting in two, but we are figuring it out.

Will be carpeting this tomorrow so wish me luck. I already know its going to be an interesting one to figure out. Will be posting updates on our instagram stories throughout the week, so if you are dying to see how it progresses, make sure to check there haha.


Will take a while to get grasp on how to be a "blogger" but I am looking forward to it. Not sure I needed another thing to manage in my business but its a good thing I enjoy what I do! Going to tentatively say I will release a blog every week, but we will see how things go.

Until next time,


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