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Meet Brad Kronlund

Brad Kronlund, the passionate founder of Custom Cat Cribs, has been crafting extraordinary feline havens since 2014. What began as a teenage hobby in a garage has blossomed into a thriving business dedicated to providing custom-built cat trees that cater to the unique personalities of our furry friends.

Inspired by his deep love for cats and a knack for creativity, Brad's journey began with a simple cardboard tunnel for his beloved pet. Recognizing Brad's talent and shared passion, his father suggested exploring the world of cat furniture. This spark ignited a lifelong dedication to creating functional and stylish cat havens.

From Garage to Grand Cat Cribs

With a DIY spirit and an eye for design, Brad embarked on building prototype cat trees. The overwhelming response to his early creations on Kijiji quickly revealed a demand for custom-made feline furniture. This early success fueled Brad's determination to refine his craft and offer truly unique cat tree designs.

Over the years, Custom Cat Cribs has evolved into a brand synonymous with innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Brad's artistic flair shines through in every creation, as he transforms functional cat furniture into captivating pieces that enhance any home decor.


2000+ Purrfect Creations and Counting

Since its inception, Custom Cat Cribs has proudly crafted over 2000 custom cat trees, bringing joy to countless cats and their owners. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a loyal following and a reputation as the go-to destination for exceptional feline furniture.

Beyond creating extraordinary products, we are dedicated to supporting our local community. Custom Cat Cribs is proud to contribute to animal welfare by supporting and donating to pet groups and shelters across Southern Alberta.

Join us on our mission to provide cats with the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and entertainment. Explore our collection of custom cat trees and discover the perfect haven for your furry friend.

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