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5 Things You Need For a Happy Cat

Updated: Jul 3

If you’ve recently adopted a cat or are thinking about getting a new cat, there are some things you’ll need to know and have so your home is ready for the new arrival. Cats have unique needs and without meeting those needs, your cat might not be living its best life. If you’ve been asking “what do I need to know before getting a cat?” then you’ll need to know these five essential things to ensure you’ll have a happy cat!

5 Things Every Cat Needs

kitten sitting by litter box

It is common for people to think that owning a cat is easy because they are known to be independent creatures, this may be partly true, but cats ensuring your cats needs are met will lead to your cat living a longer and happier life.

1. Grooming Routines: Regular brushing is a key component to ensuring a cat. In fact, you will have to brush your cat every single day if you want to keep your cat’s skin and coat shedding less, free of tangles and grow a strong bond with your new pet.

2. Vertical Climbing Space: Cats are natural climbers and love to be up high. It is smart to have e a large cat tree or condo to give them opportunities to scratch and climb to keep their bodies healthy and their minds stimulated.

3. Oral Hygiene is a Priority: It won’t be easy, but it definitely will be worth it. Start your cat off with the right habits by getting used to teeth brushing at least a few times a week in order to keep their mouths, gums and teeth healthy. Reducing their chances of tooth decay or gum disease will definitely give you a happier cat.

4. Natural Cat Litter: A happy cat is a clean cat so be sure to get them a natural and dust-free litter as it’s the best way for you and your cat to feel good about their impacts on the earth. Natural litters are not only eco-friendly but a natural substance like Tofu litter is more gentle on your cat’s paws, dust-free, highly absorbent and helps reduce odor so your cat is as comfortable as can be.

5. Sustainable Products: When selecting your cat's daily essentials, prioritize products that support their health and well-being while minimizing environmental impact. Unfortunately, many pet products are made of plastic, which contains harmful chemicals, harbors bacteria, releases microplastics, and contributes to pollution. To kickstart your cat parenting journey on the right paw, invest in a Starter Kit crafted from sustainable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and bamboo – they’re durable, easy to clean, free from toxic chemicals, and endlessly reusable. By choosing sustainable products, you create a healthier, cleaner, and more comfortable environment for your cat, ultimately leading to a happier feline friend.

The Top Reasons Why You Want to Keep Your Cat Happy as Possible

cat getting teeth brushed

The happier they are, the longer they’ll live!

  • Happy cats are better and are less likely to have unpredictable fits

  • Stronger bonds are formed and a more trusting relationship between you and your pet

  • They’ll experience less stress with all aspects of their d

  • A happy cat will lead to improved socialization with other pets and people

  • They’ll be eager to learn and enjoy mental stimulation more often

  • Emotionally they will be more fulfilled and feel a part of the family

  • Reduces the risk of mental illnesses

  • A better quality of life, more purrs, more cuddles, more exploration.

The Best Canadian Pet Brands that Want Happier and Healthier Cats

We wanted to showcase a few companies that we feel offer produ that are essential to creating an enriching lifestyle for you and your cat.


Product & Features

Bailey Cat Company

  1. The Bailey Brush Cat Brush is the best cat brush made of silicone and is perfect for getting the fur out.

2. Canadian business with a patented cat brush designed in Canada.

3. Loved by thousands of pet lovers, it’s gentle on their skin and reduces shedding and harmful hairballs.

Dofu Cat

1. Dofu Cat Litter is 100% natural, made of food-grade ingredients and is a kinder litter for all.

2. Canadian business with a natural product that’s 99% dust-free.

3. Also comes in decaffeinated-coffee and cereal varieties too!


1. RYERCAT toothbrushes are a viral hit everywhere. They have designed the world’s smallest cat toothbrush that’s perfect for all cats.

2. They’re a Canadian business on a tear across Canada and the US becoming more popular and more famous every day.

3. Comes in several beautiful colors with free guides and tutorials on how you can brush your cat’s teeth. As well, they also sell high-quality Silvervine Dental Sticks to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Custom Cat Cribs

  1. It’s where artistry meets feline comfort. These custom-made cat trees and cat furniture are in hot demand and are designed to make your cat happy and meet their unique needs for scratching and climbing.

2. Canadian business with unique designs and quality crafted cat trees.

3. They come in beautiful themes, amazing colors and new inventive techniques for artistic trees that you won’t get anywhere else.

Cyclic Journeys

1. They’re a Canadian business that have created the world’s first Sustainable Cat Starter Kit, which eliminates all the issues related to plastic cat products.

2. Designed to last a long time, the products are crafted from stainless steel, aluminum, and bamboo wood. The kit naturally transitions from kitten to adult cat without the need to purchase new supplies.

3. They take sustainability one step further. Their packaging is also plastic-free, they provide an e-book on sustainable cat care practices, and with every purchase a tree is planted in your name.

These Canadian Businesses Have Created Essential Products for Happier Cats

cat looking at hair that was brushed off it

When you get a new cat no one tells you just how much you need to know and what to think about while taking care of them. It can sometimes feel like a lot to handle when you don’t know the basics. Cats don’t come with manuals so covering the basics might be a worry because you may never really know  if you’re missing an important thing they need in their life.  Luckily enough, it was out of necessity that these Canadian brands came to be, which is why you can trust when it comes to what a cat needs, they’ve got you covered.

  • Bailey Cat Co - Did you know that you can improve the health of your cat just by switching to a softer and more gentle silicone cat brush? A daily routine of brushing can get the fur out, resulting in a healthier coat that sheds less, reduces allergens and reduces the amount of hair your cat swallows when they groom. This Canadian business is doing wonders in educating cat owners about the importance of daily grooming and has become a cult-favorite in the cat community. Check out their products and get your cat or dog its own bailey brush.

A cat’s behavior can be erratic, especially at a young age, which is why creating a daily routine and starting them off with a brush routine is crucial. Experts say that creating routines make for a happier cat and in the long term result in a more well behaved and obedient pet.

  • RYERCAT - When the owners of RYERCAT had a cat of their own that suffered from dental disease they were not only surprised to learn that it’s far too common in cats – they were also blown away by the dental expenses. This Canadian business has developed a toothbrush that’s the perfect shape and size for cats and are educating cat owners around the globe to improve their cat’s oral health. Get your cat a RYERCAT toothbrush today.

By developing proper hygiene in your cat as soon as possible you’ll be improving their health while saving big money down the road on expensive dental bills. This makes a happier cat and a happier bank account!

  • Dofu Cat - When they fostered their first cat, Stanley, he came along with a dusty box filled with litter. He left footprints on the couch, the bed and all over the house. After discovering that most cat litters are dusty, not great for their noses, and made of chemicals, they set forth to bring natural cat litter that’s not only cat-friendly but human-friendly as well.

  • This Canadian business makes a high-quality and completely natural kitty litter of food-grade materials and is safe for the planet. Grab your bag of Dofu Cat Litter. One of the best things about having a natural kitty litter is it’s safe. Safe for you, safe for your pet and safe for the environment. Switching to a natural and sustainable litter like Dofu Cat is a no-brainer.

3 colorful cat trees

Custom Cat Cribs - Brad is a creative genius that has built his business like the way he builds his cat trees – from the ground up. Each design is masterfully crafted and made with the cat’s happiness in mind. Cats love to climb, scratch and sleep in these cat trees. These cat trees provide so much stimulation and comfort we think all cats need one of these.This Canadian business is always inventing, creating and growing, so shop the site and get yours while you can! Cats need places to climb and scratch, it’s in their nature. If you don’t provide them with a tall cat tree to climb and play with they’ll get bored and scratch all your furniture instead. It’s important to start your cat off right with toys and cat trees to keep them entertained and learning new things. A smart, entertained cat is a very happy cat indeed.

Custom Cat Cribs has also recently launched their own subscription box service.  Each box has a theme and contains high quality catnip toys and treats. This service is a little different from other subscription boxes on the market as it not only contains toys and treats for your cat, but also a unique gift for you, the owner. Custom Cat Box sources many of the boxes contents from talented artisans running small businesses across North America. Currently Custom Cat Boxes are only available within Canada

cat looking at multiple cat subscription boxes

Cyclic Journeys - The world needs more brands like Cyclic Journeys. As a pet parent, you've probably noticed that most pet products are made of plastic, making pet care a BIG contributor to plastic pollution. Plastic products also negatively impact our pets' health, with plastic particles now found in pet tissues and feces.

open box with cat essentials inside

Plastic just doesn’t make sense for cat products. For example, plastic is a terrible choice for a litter box since cat urine is highly acidic and breaks down the plastic. Cats also scratch at the bottom of their litter box, forming grooves that retain odor, making it difficult to clean, and release microplastics into your cat and your home. Recognizing this issue, the founders of Cyclic Journeys set out with a big mission: to help remove plastic from pet products and aid in reducing plastic waste in the pet industry.

Each starter kit from Cyclic Journeys includes all the essentials, offering significant savings over the lifetime of your cat while helping save the world too, one cat at a time. A healthy cat is a happy cat, so get your sustainable starter kit here and start your cat on a new, sustainable journey!

By incorporating these five essentials into your cats’ lives, you will ensure that you are doing the best to keep them happy and also lead an environmentally conscious life. From regular grooming sessions to eco-friendly litter choices, every choice you make for your cat can contribute to their overall well-being and happiness. Follow these Canadian businesses journeys on social media and let’s give our cats their best life!

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