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Custom Cat Boxes

Tired of the same old toys and treats for your feline friend? Get ready to be amazed by the endless possibilities of the Custom Cat Box! Our curated boxes are filled with exciting surprises that will keep your cat entertained and engaged.

*Currently only available in Canada*

Save 5%

Enjoy a 5% discount on every box when you subscribe

Exclusive Perks

Gain early access to limited edition cat toys, treats, and even human goodies!


Get a fresh box of fun delivered right to your doorstep every other month.


Choose Your Purr-fect Plan

Ready to spoil your cat? Choose the subscription plan that best suits your furry friend and click the "Subscribe Now" button!

3 Box Plan

Commit to our 3 Box Plan and receive a FREE Sushi or Psychedelic Box sent with your first box. Plan lasts 6 months and you will receive 4 boxes total. 2 upon initial checkout, 1 in September, and 1 in November. 

Pick a plan

Treatless Box Plan

All the fun and excitement, minus the calories! Ideal for cats with dietary restrictions.

Contains: 3 catnip toys/products & 1-2 items for you!


Multi-Cat Box Treatless Plan

Treat-free fun for feline families! Perfect for households with multiple cats who prefer to play without the munchies.

Contains: 5 catnip toys/products & 1-2 items for you!

*Toys and treats are doubled in this box*


Regular Box Plan

A purr-fect blend of toys, treats, and surprises to keep your cat entertained and satisfied.

Contains: 3 catnip toys/products, 1 treat & 1-2 items for you!


Multi-Cat Box Plan

Keep your feline family entertained and happy with a variety of shared and individual toys, plus tasty treats to share.

Contains: 5 catnip toys/products, 2 treat & 1-2 items for you! *Toys and treats are doubled in this box*


Past Custom Cat Boxes

Curious what to expect in a Custom Cat Box? Here are some examples of our favourite boxes we have done and what the container!

Sushi Cat Box

​This sushi-inspired box contained:

  • Catnip stuff-able shrimp sushi roll toy

  • Handmade origami-inspired toy

  • Multi-set of sushi toys designed to look just like the food

  • Crunchy tuna treat

  • Custom engraved set of “Custom Cat Cribs” chopsticks

  • Sleek black appetizer dish 


Psychedelic Cat Box

This trippy box included:

  • A custom handmade mushroom streamer toy from PRJT Mercury

  • Handmade glow-in-the-dark kicker stick

  • Blitzed catnip-filled ladybug crinkle toy

  • A soft cod treat

  • Colour-changing cat shaped night light

  • A mushroom gemstone keychain


Our furry happy customers

See adorable photos of our happy customers enjoying their custom cat boxes and treats!

Curious? Try it first!

Try Before You Subscribe

Want to know what all the fuss is about? We understand!

While we encourage subscriptions for maximum savings and exclusive perks, we also offer the option to try a single Custom Cat Box.

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