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It’s finally here! We are excited to finally be dropping the next Custom Cat Box, the Blizzard Box. This box is filled with 5 on theme products for you and your cat(s) to enjoy. There are again limited boxes so get one while they last! 


This box contains 5 items: 3 toys, 1 treats and 1 handy cat item.


$49.99+ shipping


🇨🇦The Custom Cat Box is unfortunately only available to Canadians. We hope to do a U.S. version at some point once we can figure out the best way to do so 🇨🇦


We are very happy with the cohesion of this box. A lot went into planning out the concepts for toys and just the visuals for what’s inside so we hope it translates well! We were able to match all items to either the theme or color aesthetic (or both) of the box. We look forward to exploring more themes for boxes in the future and already have a ton in mind!



Blizzard Box

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