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Where Artistry
Meets Feline Comfort

Climb, scratch, and lounge in style with our quality hand-made cat furniture. Located in Lethbridge, Alberta


What We Do

Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Custom Cat Cribs specializes in creating quality hand made cat furniture. Our products are both high quality and eye catching and can be special ordered to fit your personal needs.

Browse through what we have to offer here and don’t forget to take a look at our Elite Models, if you want to see some really unique work. We value your business, please feel free to reach out for a free quote today!


Custom Cat Boxes

Surprises in every box await you and your cats! Releasing roughly every 2 months, high quality toys, tasty treats and even some unique items for you are what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind box!


The Psychedelic Box is here! This box contains a trippy collection of treats, toys and even includes something special for you! 

Psychedelic Box


Customer Reviews

About Brad Kronlund


I got the idea to start building cat furniture after my dad had seen a little cardboard tunnel system I made for my cat at the time. He suggested I try building cat trees as he knew about my love for pets, specifically cats. After he suggested the idea, I was instantly intrigued and eager to get started...

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