Elite models are one of a kind specialty pieces that are both eye catching and functional. Elite models are my favourite models to make as they allow me to showcase my creative abilities while challenging me in the process. These models are larger than my regular products and are often based off of a certain theme or concept.

Elite Models typically go for $500, however some have gone over $1000 and others go for around $400. Each model is only built once, however if you like some elements from any of the one’s I’ve done before, they can be implemented into a new model I create.

If you are interested in having an Elite Model built, feel free to contact me and we can design a model that is best fit for you and your pets. I will try my best to accommodate requests and build exactly what your looking for, just remember not every design or idea will be possible.

Arizona Dessert Home

Enchanted Forest

The World of Grey

Wizard’s Lair



Tiki Island Resort

Pirate Ship


Cabin in the Woods

Asian Shrine

Jungle Ruins

Hunter’s Cabin

Haunted Lighthouse

Haunted Castle

Cobra’s Tomb

Buddha’s Temple


The Bridge

Mini Elite Models are perfect for those who don’t have the room for a big Elite Model, but still would like a creative cat hangout in their house. These models usually go for around $250, but it will depend on the model.

Below are some some photos of what I have done, if you are interested in one similarly or have your own idea in mind, feel free to contact me!